DFNDR 9 is the winner of the Motor Boat Awards’ best adventure boat of the year 2023

Motor Boat Awards is a highly appreciated award based on the boat testing made with care. Choosing a winner in each category is based on how well the boat performs during rigorous sea trials and how well it meets the requirements of its target market regarding its size, style and price. XO DFNDR 9 has won the Motor boats award with its innovative design concept and quality.

DFNDR 9 is the first boat launched last year according to the company’s new product strategy. Unique behind the defender series is its versatility compared to the classic models and design. Boats behave and serve well in commuting, water sport, or as weekender use thanks to their hybrid features to serve different needs. DFNDR series is made the active users in mind.

Award winner DFNDR 9 is a proper walkaround boat with a center cabin equipped with huge glass panels to make the boat fully enclosed cabin boat to get a cover for the heat or cold. Depending on the climate users are boating, the DFNDR 9 can be equipped with Webasto heating or air conditioning. All DFNDR models have a semi-raised mid-deck on the bow, which allows easy access to the shore and multipurpose use of the deck, like fishing or sunbathing.

All defender models can also be configured without the cabin walls when the boat’s philosophy reminds more of Center Consoles or T-top models than extremely capable all-weather expedition boats. All boats have a standard suspension seat for the driver and a separate head. DFNDR 9 have an appropriate size cabin under the front deck with a bed for two adults with young children. Aft passenger seats can be flipped for a dining area for six or a sunbed for two.

That is how the judges commented on the Award-Winning concept:
“Very few boats under 30ft offer anything like as much all-round ability as the XO DFNDR 9. Slender and soft-riding, with raised hull sides and a lofty but deepset pilothouse, there is virtually no cruising ground where its practical but innovative walkaround layout wouldn’t excel,” Alex Smith Motor Boat & Yachting senior Staff Writer / Boat tester

” The fact that it’s built like a tank and looks like a film star is just the crowning glory for an all-action adventure boat that proves just how much can be achieved when intelligent design, quality build and rigorous development come together.”

Read the full testimonial: https://www.mby.com/motor-boat-awards/motor-boat-awards-2023-winners-highly-commended-yachts-revealed-124644

With our DFNDR 9, we have the World Premiere boat DFNDR 8 and  European Power Boat of the year nominee DSCVR 9 and EXPLR 10+ at the stand.

Meet the XO Boats at stand D40 in Hall 4.