Cover from sun & cold

The exceptionally spacious cabins of our EXPLR range are outright ideal for rest and relaxation. Should the sunshine get too hot to handle, optional air-conditioning makes life in the cabin a sheer pleasure.

Scandinavian design & aluminium excellence

When it comes to boats, there simply isn't a better material to build one than aluminium. Light and strong, aluminium is madee to stand even the roughest conditions.

Travel far with extra comfort

With optional extras, the crew can truly make the most of the time at sea, even during longer trips. Choose a bigger refridgerator or a toilet, perhaps even a water ski pole for fun times beyond horizon.

The ultimate driving experience

Alongside the XO trademark aluminium hull, we are proud of how our boats give you the ultimate driving experience in any weather. EXPLR-range is no exception.

Media & Reviews

XO EXPLR 9 Review (FIN)

The XO EXPLR 9 (before 260 cabin) was reviewed by Finnish boating magazine Vene-lehti. Click the heading to read the review.

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