When others stay in port

Inspired by Nordic environment.

Introducing another great boat to our range of outstanding boats, the EXPLR 9 is the first of the second generation of boats to be launched. Making its debut at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 and improved 2021, EXPLR 9 comes with more width and volume than its predecessors, giving the boat extra stability and capacity.

With its accommodation capacities and weatherproof cover, EXPLR 9 is the perfect boat for the adventurers travelling in all corners of the planet. The boat can be installed with air-conditioning and a heater.

The renewed EXPLR 9 takes you to all new dimensions when it comes to driving comfort, multi-purpose use and design that fully pays attention to the versatile needs of modern boaters.

Overall Lenght (exc. engine)




Draft to props


Weight (excl. engine)

2404 kg





Fuel capacity






Max speed range

+40 kts

Outboard engines

450 hp

Fuel Consuption, cruise

n/a l/nm


22 deg



Cabin boats rarely provide the kind of driving convenience the full suspension seats of EXPLR 9 do – the co-pilot’s seat is available as an option. Speaking of convenience, the exceptionally spacious cabin is outright ideal for rest and relaxation that the extraordinary sound- proofing efficiently supports. A bed that stretches all the way to 230 cm, roomy and well-equipped toilet as well as a full-size refrigerator ensure that the crew can truly make the most of the time at sea, even during longer trips. Should the sunshine get too hot to handle, optional air-conditioning makes life in the cabin a sheer pleasure.


Bigger size, lighter weight, more spacious interior and a bit calmer personality do not translate into any compromises when it comes to EXPLR 9’s ability to perform. The pilot  can truly make the most of an enjoyable ride in the sun by opening the roof hatch, standing up and letting the gentle summer wind blow.

Life at sea just does not get any better than this.

The completely renewed EXPLR 9 takes you to all new dimensions when it comes to driving comfort, multi-purpose use and design. Take a look inside the boat with the scroller on the left.

– 360° Tour

Explore the XO EXPLR 9 inside with this 360° tour, and experience the spacious cabin & bow with a full view.

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