Full aluminum adventure starts now.

Launched in Cannes 2023, the XO DFNDR A8 has arrived to redefine what excellent, high-quality aluminum boat design and outstanding price-quality ratio mean.

When others stay in port

We are XO!

With XO, exceptional becomes a new default. Continuously challenging the status quo, we keep developing our boats and taking our customers further, to dimensions and experiences that once seemed to be out of reach.
When others stay in port, XO boats keep going. We enable exploring the most remote corners of the sea – ensuring that every time you head out, you return with unforgettable stories to tell. No matter how rough the conditions – whatever your destination may be at any given time, we make sure you get there.

Outstanding Design

Manufactured of the best military grade aluminum in the market with aesthetic design enabled by state-of-the-art fiberglass.

For Any Conditions

Fun to drive, yet works ideally in sport fishing and professional use alike.

Why Aluminum?

XO's most distinquished feature is its one of a kind aluminium hull, which is sustainable, sturdy and robust, and easy to maintain. These advantages along with the deep-v hull create a boat unlike any others.

Scandinavian Design

We come from nordic Finland, a country known for its extreme conditions and gorgeous archipelago – said to be one of the most difficult areas to navigate in the world. Our boats have been inspired by these surroundings to provide you with the ultimate experiences.

Choose your own - Configurate!

XO's boats come with plenty of customizing possibilities for all purposes one might have. Install kitchen for longer travels, add extra comfort with new benches, or make navigating bit easier with updated equipment.

For the trailblazers

Each wave, gust and voyage is different. We design boats which are capable of handling all the conditions you might encounter.

Ready for adventures from dawn till dusk, or dusk till dawn. You choose.

For those who want to keep exploring new destinations, after XO there is no turning back.

"An all-action adventure boat that proves just how much can be achieved when intelligent design, quality build and rigorous development come together."

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