Deep-V Aluminium Hulls

The unique concept of XO boats is designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of active users. Our single most important feature that sets us apart from others is the ultimate driving experience. The aluminium hull gives our boats the characteristics of high quality, professional maritime vessels.

The unique concept of XO boats is in its designs: the XO fleet has been created to exceed the needs of a wide variety of active users. The key to our boats’ durability and excellent driving qualities is the deep-v aluminum hull. Not only a popular choice with professional boaters, aluminum has advantages that recreational boaters are able to enjoy as well. Aluminum is rigid and durable, yet extremely light and does not require constant maintenance. Aluminum is also a great material as it is considered extremely safe: European regulations have classified aluminum as a category A1, meaning the highest possible rank for fire safety.

Not many materials are as easily accessible and as easily recyclable as aluminum. In fact, up to 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use,  thanks to its recycling qualities. Melting of pre-used aluminum requires only 5% of the energy used to produce the same amount of new aluminum.

According to IEA, the direct CO2 intensity of aluminum production has not fluctuated during the past couple of years, and in their Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario it is estimated that emission intensity will decline 3% annually by year 2030. In short, the amount of energy and resources used to create aluminum will continue to diminish as the processes for recycling it advance even further.

Aluminum is not always used as 100% pure material and thanks to its versatility other metals can be added to it for the purpose of fortifying some of its natural qualities – such as its sturdiness and waterproofness. As an alloy, aluminum offers a similar performance level as advanced steels and titanium. Aluminum is also a very common material found across the planet, ensuring its durability. 

All of these qualities are what make aluminum the ideal material used in boating production – also in terms of sustainability: at the end of their exceptionally long life, aluminum boats can be fully recycled with very low energy costs. We at XO have known about the positive qualities of aluminum for many years and believe ourselves to be industry leaders, as the use of aluminum as a production material has just recently started to be accepted as a solution for the future in many other industries. 

Forerunner in sustainability

When the others are looking towards the horizon, XO is already there. We come from the northern, rugged and beautiful archipelago of Finland. These wild and endangered surroundings of the Baltic Sea have inspired our design and our philosophy: to create beautiful boats that can last a lifetime.

We care about the preservation of nature, which is why utilizing sustainable materials and finding new solutions to make the boating industry more environmentally friendly matters to us. The value of XO boats is not just in their outer appearance, but in their versatility.



Beach on rocky shores or the edge of the world, XO lets you go where others don’t even dare to look. Aluminum is rigid, durable, and extremely light material that does not require constant maintenance. It sets you up with a carefree ride, without having to abundantly worry about scratches or small cracks.

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