Seek unforgettable experiences

XO DSCVR boats are the ultimate fun-boats for a dive, climb, ride, surf, swim or whichever activities happen to interest you the most on those lovely summer days by sea.

Day-cruiser for thrill seekers

XO DSCVR boats have the rebellious soul of bow riders, yet they feel and perform like professional patrol boats and speedboats. Out of all those day cruisers out there, these are the special ones.

The boats for chasing the sun

With features such as the vast sunbed area at the stern and integrated bar & dining area, you can spend lovely days outdoors with your group. The optional canopy of DSCVR 9 t-top helps with adjusting to the conditions, if a rain should surprise you on your journey.

Take your crew along

The best memories are made together, so why not to take your friends and family for a ride? The XO DSCVR boats have the capacity for up to 8 people, so you could make memories and share the time of your lives.

Media & Reviews

XO DSCVR boats are popular choice for good times. If you don’t believe us, believe the specialists: click the links below, and read what the best global boating journalists have written about XO.

MBY reviews DSCVR 9 T-Top

Motorboat & Yachting magazine reviewed our XO DSCVR 9 T-top (before known as 260 DSCVR in July 2021. Later, this boat was nominated as one of the motorboats of the year. Read the review by clicking the link in the heading.

Configurate your own XO.

Build your boat to perfection. Choose the extras and add the final touches to reach any destination of your choice.

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