The journey acrossthe Baltic Sea

What happens when a group of passionate boaters takes the latest gem of the fleet,
the XO DFNDR 9 and heads out to the Baltic Sea?

To put the XO DFNDR 9 to a real test, we invited Alex Smith of the Motorboat & Yachting magazine to join us on a journey of 400 nautical miles from Helsinki, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden. On this journey, our team stopped by the amazing sights of Åland and the Archipelago Sea, one of the biggest archipelagoes of the world.  These are the conditions XO’s originate from.

Now you can join the expedition and watch the test drive documentary.
Click the link and get impressed by the performance of XO DFNDR 9.

Watch the journey on Youtube

Follow the journey across the Baltic Sea

XO Crossover

Crossover boats from the rough north.

There’s many amazing features that set XO’s fleet apart from the rest, but the key to our boats’ durability, weatherproofness and excellent driving qualities is the deep-v aluminium hull. A popular choice in professional use, aluminium has advantages which also recreational boaters are able to enjoy.

Sleek & robust design

Aluminum is rigid and durable, yet extremely light material that does not require constant maintenance. It sets you up with a carefree ride, without having to abundantly worry about scratches or hairline cracks upon taking the XO ashore by the head.

Get impressed

Read more about the extraordinary aluminium hull, design and more from our aluminium-page.

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