Cox Marine announces new OEM partnership to supply the CXO300 high-performance diesel outboard to European manufacturer XO Boats, which will be supported by Cox Marine’s Scandinavian distributor, Diesel Power.


Designed and built in Finland, XO Boats’ EXPLR series offers exceptional seakeeping performance through the combination of a military-grade deep-V aluminium hull with a striking Scandinavian design, providing rigidity, durability, and outstanding driving qualities. The CXO300 is initially available on the EXPLR 9 model, being the first of this range to offer the convenience of a high-performance outboard, with the strength and efficiency of diesel, typically only found on larger vessels. Offering reduced fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and the broadest range of approved fuels, the CXO300-powered EXPLR 9 is the perfect boat for adventure seekers looking to travel sustainably to all corners of the planet.

Pre-rigged at the XO factory, the CXO300 equipment is configured to the XO EXPLR 9 – the 9-metre version of XO’s premium weekend cruiser. This ensures an optimum finish to all touch points on the vessel, in every sense – from the ergonomically positioned, smooth engagement of the electric shift throttle to a perfectly balanced boat and steering system. This alignment means that the end user always experiences the best of both the CXO300 outboard and XO Boat.

Discussing the partnership, Erkki Talvela, XO Boat’s CEO, explains, “At XO, we are no stranger to innovative design solutions that enhance our customers’ experience. Offering the CXO300 diesel outboard widens the potential market for XO as diesel fuel is more widely available in certain areas. The EXPLR 9 is designed for outboard power to achieve top performance and optimum onboard space. Cox’s CXO300 offers the best of both worlds, and we are excited to offer it as a choice for our customers.”

Harry Heasman, Cox Marine’s EMEA Regional Director, adds, “At Cox Marine we are always excited to see customers using and enjoying the benefits of our CXO300, but the alignment with XO Boats is extraordinary because of the similarities in the brand’s foundations and ambitions.”

“Both brands are committed to going beyond, often looking outside the norm to deliver the customer something uniquely beneficial to their passion, work, or pastime. We are very happy to be able to offer the Cox Marine customer integration with such a versatile and capable boat partner.”

Sweden-based Cox Marine distributor Diesel Power, whose territory includes Finland, has been integral in supporting the development of this relationship.

“The partnership between Cox Marine and XO Boats is an incredible asset to our customers. This special relationship means customers can purchase a Cox Marine outboard with their new XO boat, making every step much easier,” said Mats Hallberg, Export Sales Manager, Diesel Power AB.

With the agreement in place from the beginning of the 2023 marine season, new XO Boats are now available with the CXO300 diesel outboard from dealers worldwide.



Cox Marine 

Led by CEO Gavin Wesson, Cox Marine is a leading outboard manufacturer working to improve the marine industry with convenient and responsible technology. The CXO300, a 300-hp diesel outboard, offers a new marine propulsion option, redefining industry standards. Offering the performance and packaging of an outboard with 30% less CO2, 30% less fuel burn and 650 Nm of torque.

This purpose-built outboard has begun to revolutionise the market. Cox Marine is supported by a worldwide network of 25 distributors covering 100 countries.

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XO Boats 

The XO range consists of 3 key models; the all-new DFNDR – designed for fun boating and sport fishing, DSCVR – a crossover bowrider layout with the handling and spirit of a high-performance speedboat, and the premium EXPLR range, a weekend cruiser with additional accommodation, allowing owners to go further and EXPLR more remote locations.

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Diesel Power AB 

One of the leading distributors for Cox Marine in Europe, covering Sweden, Finland, the Baltic states, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry and the Czech Republic. The company’s intrinsic knowledge of marine diesel propulsion in Northern Europe and Cox Marine’s extensive engineering knowledge have forged an ever-strengthening relationship.

To arrange a demonstration of the CXO300 on the XO EXPLR 9, contact Mats Hallberg at or call +46 31-748 6210.

Media Contact

Henry Green, Global Events & Communications Manager, Cox Marine