Offshore capabilities, exemplary strong aluminium hull and good sound isolation make XO boats even more appealing in the UK market. Expectations for collaboration are high. 

Finnish aluminium boat builder XO Boats has signed a reseller agreement with MCC Marine Southampton. MCC Marine is a family-owned and operated company based in the South West of England. It also represents other high-class boat brands such as Rupert, Sur Marine, and Finnish Nordstar.

The company’s director Craig McCarthy is excited about the collaboration. He says he appreciates the high level of Nordic boat design and technical know-how and confesses to having admired XO Boats for several years.

“XO has consistently developed its product range to meet the market demand for high-performance, clean-lined sports cruisers,” he says.

“The exceptional strength and sea-keeping capabilities of the XO aluminium hull, coupled with the high sound isolation, enhance the boats’ appeal in the UK market.”

McCarthy believes that the design and the quality of XO Boats makes the brand a perfect fit for the MCC Marine’s premium range.

“XO’s outboard-powered, premium sports cruisers that reflect Nordic heritage are exactly what we’ve been looking for,” he said.

The first models of the XO Boats have already arrived at MCC Marine, and boats will be available to customers at the beginning of the 2024 season.

“We have identified XO models well suited to the UK market and aim to develop the XO Boats market penetration already achieved,” says McCarthy.

“The feedback on the brand has been extremely positive so far.”