XO DFNDR 8 Worl Premiere in Boot Düsseldorf.

XO DFNDR 8 will get the World Premiere at Boot Düsseldorf on opening day, Saturday, the 21st, at 3.30 pm. Come to hear what innovations XO’s Defender series offers so far and visit boats straight after the launch ceremony.

Our DNA comes from the rough North, and as a part of the Finnish boat-building heritage, we are proud to present one of the best heavy sea boats on the market. XO boat manufactures Deep-V hull aluminium boats for passionate boat drivers and expeditionists on the mind. With recyclable aluminium, XO is one of the pioneers in developing more robust and sustainable boating for the future.

With our DFNDR 8, we have the Motor Boat Awards 2023 Nominee and test success boat DFNDR 9 and 2023 BOB Award nominee DSCVR 9 and EXPLR 10+ at the stand.

DFNDR 8 World Premiere will take place on Saturday, 21st of January, at 3.30 pm on the XO Boat stand D40 in Hall 4.