XO Boats expands its fleet by introducing both new and improved models

The Finland-based boat manufacturer XO Boats has created yet another dimension to its distinguished product range. During the spring, the company launches entirely new models while also making several improvements to the existing fleet.

The new and improved boats, DSCVR 9 and EXPLR 9, complement the XO fleet in a natural manner. Available both as an open boat and as a T-top, DSCVR 9 is a new sporty cruiser designed for active use in any kind of weather. The improved cabin boat EXPLR 9 has more width and volume than its predecessors, giving the boat extra stability and capacity. The ultra-light design and integrated rails make the sporty roof a lot lighter, while the wider hatch enables driving in standing position.

DSCVR 9 and EXPLR 9 have been designed according to the strict, demanding principles XO is known for. The deep V-hull structure, military grade aluminum and excellent driving qualities form a solid foundation, on which model-specific features can be conveniently designed.

“During the last year, the global market for multi-purpose boats that are suitable for adventurous and active use has downright exploded”, Erkki Talvela, CEO at XO Boats mentions. “As a trailblazer for this particular category, we want to keep exceeding the expectations of serious boaters by providing boats that have what it takes to make stories for others to follow.”

As an additional element in the product range development, XO Boats has renewed the boats’ naming practices. From now on, all boats belong to either DSCVR, EXPLR or DFNDR category.

While the category names, derived from discovery, explorer and defender, refer to the active, adventurous lifestyle of a typical XO owner, they also position the categories between themselves according to the way the particular boats are meant to be used.

The model number that previously referred to the boat’s length in feet, has been changed into meters. The names of the existing models have been changed accordingly.

According to Erkki Talvela, the driver behind the change is to help boaters get a better overlook at the fleet – and thus identify the most suitable models for further evaluation.

“We want to make the buying process as convenient as possible, and that starts with helping boaters to reach better understanding of the XO Boats’ range.”

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