When others stay in port

Fly on the waves

That inexplicable feeling when the world is suddenly wide open. When you can keep going, there should be no reason to turn back, at least not yet. A few more things to do, a few more corners of the sea to explore, a few additional dreams to fulfil. Because you can.

Agile and responsive, especially considering its length, the EXPLR 10 Sport IB performs like a genuine sports vehicle it is, setting you up with plenty of power and extreme engine efficiency. For a perfect outing at sea, all you need to do is let rip and enjoy.

There is simply no other boat as fun to drive as this one. While the deep-V hull structure defines every XO model, it is exceptionally aggressive in the XO EXPLR 10 Sport IB.

Overall Lenght

8.66 m



Draft to props

0,95 m

Weight (excl. engine)

2635 kg





Fuel capacity

315 l





Max speed range

40+ kts

Inboard engines

370 hp


24 deg



Explore the places you did not even know existed. This model is the design gem of its own weight class. Any challenge the sea might throw to XO EXPLR 10 Sport IB, the boat will come out victorious. It will take you safely and steadily to your destination, when others stay in port.

Inspired by Nordic environment and conditions, with its accommodation capacities and weatherproof cover, XO EXPLR 10 Sport is the perfect boat for the adventurer who wants to experience the ultimate driving experience.

The EXPLR 10 Sport IB is fit for families and friends appreciating a day offshore. Equipped with extra comfort, this boat suits the needs of each adventurer with both short and long adventurers.

More than just a boat

For those who want to enjoy the ultimate driving experience, the XO DFNDR 10 Sport is choice of a trailblazer. Take a look inside the boat with the scroller on the left.

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